Embedded Art: Art in the name of Security, 2009

Projects have different ways of developing. The artwork ‘Requiem for the network’ created for Embedded Art: Art in the name of Security (‘an interdisciplinary exhibition focusing on the societal shifts caused by the universal desire for security’) in Berlin in February 2009 was the product of a six-month collaboration between myself and writer extraordinaire Ken Hollings.

View from the CCTV camera.

The final artwork was a series of 4 A0 posters that ‘visualised’ Ken’s text (an essay he had written for the Embedded Art catalogue) as a network of connections. It also worked as a reflection of Ken’s process and essence as a writer, connecting what may seem like random “historical events, cultural allusions and epistemological shifts” in an impressive complete story with fascinating insight. The artwork is the result of a true and highly enjoyable collaboration, moving back and forth between Ken and myself. Ken covers the
one, two, three, four, five stage process in detail.

Ken watching the artwork while being watched.

Photography by Ken Hollings.

Making the connections.
Its all about the network.