Red as remembered

I have a thing for personalised cards. I’ve always loved sending them as thank-yous or to commemorate events. I think this is partly because I earned my first monies as a graphic designer through selling handmade cards at my high school fete.

The act of creating a card reminds me why I like being a graphic designer so much. The card making process has evolved (or degenerated, depending on how you perceive it) from a handmade process to an entirely digital enterprise. Due to the crazy life I lead, I allow myself no more than 30 minutes to create one. Its like speedy-dating Hallmark style.

This is a little card I created for the wonderful Jasia Reichardt and Nick Wadley (whom I met through their Themerson archive) for the wonderful lunch they had for us in January 2011. Its called Red as Remembered.

Kitchen door, 12 Belsize Park Gardens.
Fridge door, 30 Overstone Road.
Chilli powder from my sister in Chennai, India.
Chinese New Year.

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