This site

This website goes ‘live’ today, 14 October 2009. Its looking rather empty at present, and this pleases me. Unlike most sites that go live filled with content, this is the opposite. It is a blank canvas (something I am more comfortable with now than when I had my portfolio stolen; read more) on which I must add the pieces and puzzles of my potted graphic design history. The catalogue provides an index to the existing pieces.

The intention of this website is that it functions as a living repository of my practice. I say living, because maintaining it causes a necessary act of reflection of my process, method and output as a creative practitioner.

At the moment, my nose is pushed to the glass and my breath is fogging the pane – I am too close to reflect. I can only do. But over the next few weeks and months, the intention is to ‘upload’ all my previous work, and let the strands and nodes connect themselves, leading to a re-engagement, again and again of thought and process.

Welcome to my world.